How to Fix HP Printer Error 79.ooFE?

HP is the fairly known brand in the technology world all around the globe. It is mainly popular for its amazing devices like printers, laptops, desktops, and many other devices that help the user at every step. HP gain popularity mainly because of great design, amazing device and affordable cost which most users look for when they are looking for a new device and HP provide that along with some added benefits that make it a perfect choice. HP offers a wide range of printers for both home and office users, which include laser and inkjet printers. However, sometimes even the HP printer users’ faces technical issues with their printers and have a hard time dealing with them.

There is nothing specific about when the user will face the troubles as the issues vary from user to user, but there are issues that are quite common among users such as error 79.ooFE. Error 79.ooFE is the one that many users complain about and have no idea why it is showing again and again and how to deal with it. But now as the HP printer users, you don’t have to worry about error 79.ooFE because here we are discussing the reason why you face error 79.ooFE and how to fix it without any delay.

Reasons of the error 79.ooFE are:

The error 79.ooFE displayed by the HP printers when the system commands the printer to print something and the HP printer doesn’t understand it, for example, when you tried to print an email and its graphics is too big for the printer to understand it clearly. When the printer doesn’t understand anything commanded by the system the printer immediately show the error 79.ooFE, so it means it is common among the HP users.

Though, the users of the HP laser printers can deal with error 79.ooFE as soon as possible because it may harm the printer badly.

How to fix the error 79.ooFE?

  • To resolve the issue first print a configuration page.
  • Remove jet direct and power on the printer while holding the ‘Go’ button on the printer.
  • When the display reads offline it means the reset is complete.
  • Remove the jet direct card after the cold reset and check for the error.
  • If the error still exists then call at HP Printer Customer Service Number and get technical support experts for guidance.